Evidence-Based Videos

Risk and Volatility are Not the Same Thing

How to Find Your Risk Capacity

Dangers of Overconfidence in Investing

What Does Past Performance Tell Us?

Investing Isn't Supposed to be Exciting!


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What Can Investors Learn
From Academia?

Can Investors Learn From the
Yale Model?

Data on Active Fund Performance
You Can't Ignore

Should You Look for Patterns in 
the Stock Market?

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Investing

Is Managing Your Own
Investments a Risk?

How to Respond to Stock Market
Crashes and Corrections

Don't Make Important Investment
Decisions When You're Stressed

Only Focus on Things that Matter

How Does Social Media Impact
Your Wealth?

Can Investors Control Their Behavior?

Can You Time the Market?

Why Are Investing Costs Even More Important than Before?

Does Fund Industry
Advertising Mislead?

Two Ways Media Hinders Investors

Do You Follow the Market Forecast?

How Should Investors 
Diversify Their Portfolios?

Why is it Important
to be Globally Diversified?

Why Investing and Politics Don't Mix

Where Did All the Alpha Go?

Investors Really Need
to Know Themselves

Good News! The Fund 
Industry is Finally Shrinking

How to Decide Whether
to Trust an Advisor

Can You Outperform the Market?

What is Recency Bias in Investing?

The Effect of Optimism
Bias on Investing

Confront Your Confirmation
Bias in Investing

Availability Bias - A Mental Shortcut That Can Wreck Your Investments

Behavioral Bias in Investing

Survivorship Bias in Investing

Three Key Principles of
Successful Investing

Why the Cost of Investing
Is So Important

Are You Overpaying for
Investment Management Fees?

Are You Overpaying for Emotional
Comfort in Investing?

Three Investing Mistakes to Avoid

Do You Make Investing Mistakes?

Essential Tips for Young Investors

The Growth of Index Investing

Are Index Funds Too Popular?

What to Do In A Bear Market?

Resist the Urge to Act When
Markets Fail

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