Institutional Investors - Fiduciary Consulting

We provide fiduciary consulting advice to help institutions achieve their financial goals and simplify and improve their financial lives. Specific project-based consulting services include, but are not limited to the following:

Governance Definition and Refinement:

  • Educate the investment committee about their fiduciary responsibilities
  • Review Bylaws for the Formation of an Investment Committee
  • Review Fiduciary Acknowledgement Letter and Response
  • Review Conflict of Interest Policy for Investment Committee
  • Review Meeting Agenda Template and Meeting Minutes Template
  • Review Fiduciary File Checklist
  • Define the Optimal Investment Structure
  • Complete the Self-Assessment of Fiduciary Excellence for Investment Stewards (SAFE)
  • Create Governance Calendar and Gift Acceptance Policy

Financial Position Analysis:

  • Summarize balance sheet, cash flow, debt and tax planning

Investment Planning:

  • Review the Fi360 Four Step Process (Fiduciary Quality Management System)
  • Review the Fi360 Global Fiduciary Precepts
  • Lead discussion on financial goal setting and prioritization
  • Define socially responsible investment (SRI) preferences
  • Complete risk profile survey and provide strategic asset allocation recommendation
  • Draft investment policy statement and spending policy statement
  • Complete investment manager evaluation using the fi360 Toolkit scoring system

We tailor our approach as needed with the fiduciary investors we work with to accommodate their unique needs and preferences. At the end of the fiduciary consulting project we will provide you with an action plan so you can implement the agreed upon fiduciary consulting recommendations. This may include referrals to other professionals as required, to assist you with the implementation of your action plan.


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