Individual Investors

We aim to simplify and improve the financial lives of our individual clients with objective, fee-only financial advice and a fiduciary standard of care. We simplify by making things less complicated and focusing on things that can be controlled. We clarify goals with our clients and develop an evidence-based, comprehensive financial plan. Who are some of the people we help?

Pre-Retirement Working Professionals:

We meet to learn more about your family, occupation, background and financial goals. We gather the information that we will need to develop a comprehensive financial plan with a supporting investment strategy.

Attorneys – Attorneys have requirements and concerns specific to their field of occupation. Some ways we help attorneys are through estate planning, financial planning, succession planning, tax planning, and investment management.

Accountants – Accountants need financial planners too. We help attorneys through estate planning, financial planning, succession planning, tax planning, and investment management.

Corporate Executives – Executives have specialized requirements because their assets may be disproportionately tied to their employer, such as stock options or other equity interests. Allodium can help analyze executives' unique employee benefits options to ensure they leverage their benefits as much as possible. Corporate executives often have different benefit options, such as increased life/disability benefits and additional retirement savings plans. Allodium can help build a specialized plan which strategizes executive benefits.

Professors – Professors have specific needs because many colleges and universities have retirement savings plans with various rules and distribution allocations. Allodium can help build a financial plan tailored to specific situational needs.

Physicians – Physicians have unique needs. We help doctors through financial planning, insurance planning, tax planning, and investment management. We can help protect their wealth against lawsuits and other liabilities.

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners

Business owners have special requirements in tax planning, risk management, retirement planning, investment planning, gift and estate planning, and succession planning. Some more ways we help entrepreneurs:

  • Key person insurance coverage
  • Insurance for cross-purchase or stock redemption plan buy-sell agreements
  • Setting up 401(k), profit sharing and non-qualified deferred compensation plans for employees
  • Setting up Cash Balance Plans to ultimately provide greater retirement benefits for owners
  • Business succession planning and analyzing options such as:
    • ESOPs and sales to ESOPs
    • IDGT transfers to heirs/children
    • Family Limited Partnership transfers to heirs/children
  • Setting up appropriate disability coverage and EEO insurance

Other Individuals

Divorcees and widows – Many individuals experience a time of transition, possibly facing new financial decisions for which they are unprepared due to the loss of a loved one through divorce or death. We understand and can help them strategize their financial plan.

Inheritors – Receiving an inheritance can be a stressful time in life due to the loss of a loved one. They may also have many questions about handling an inheritance for which they may be unprepared. Allodium can help answer their questions and build a tax-efficient financial and investment plan which incorporates their personal goals.

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